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There Once Was a Pub
By Carol Green

There once was a pub, they called it The Grotto,
Built in the cliffs, it was favourite of  lots o'
People from Shields and all over the world,
Who came to drink beer
And watch the sea swirl
Round the Rock at Marsden,
While they relaxed and unwound
From the rigours of the shipyards
And the mines underground.

Steeped in history, the Grotto's a legend,
The ghost of John the Jibber
Is said to frequent it.
Once home to Peter the Hermit,
And Jack the Blaster,
Now of course, it's owned by Pubmaster.
Tales of smugglers with lace and bottles of rum,
Boarded up windows today - it's looking a slum.

As well as the Grotto
There was also The Rock.
With its magnificent arch,
It stood round the clock,
Scene of many a photo, the talk of the town,
Home to the seagulls, but then it fell down.
They said it was due to coastal erosion,
Then they blew up some more with controlled explosion.

Then up the coast, we have Trow Quarry,
To the National Trust this is causing a worry.
Coastal erosion has caused a sensation,
Uncovering asbestos - left by Shields' Corporation.
On the coastal path, while out walking your pup,
Notice Boards say "Don't pick anything up!"
Asbestos pipes, among the flotsam and seaweed,
But when will they realise that the North Sea can't read!

Now, I'm not an expert on currents in oceans,
But one thing I do know,
The sea is in motion.
North Sea, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Pacific,
The way they join up, I think is terrific.
So Florida Keys or down in the Costas,
Don't be surprised if you find our asbestos!

Carol Green 2001.



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