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Hook line and sinker
by George Whithead

I think I was five or was I six when I first went fishing with me dad.
I know by the end of the day I think he was a little mad.
Off we went down to the shelf not far from Marsden bay.
The sun was shining in the sky it was such a lovely day.

There he was with his rod and his hook loaded full of bait.
He caste out right to a spot that really looked great.
He turned to me and said "would you like to fish"
I thought to myself of course I do it's my one and only wish.

So out of his bag he took a really long throw out line.
He baited the hook and unwound it, it seem to take a long time.
He gave me the stick at the end to hold he said "hold onto it tight".
He swung that line around his head then threw it with all his might
Off it went as if in slow motion heading for a spot into the ocean.
What happened next made me feel pretty sick
just as the line started to go taught I let go of that stick.
My dad turned to me I think he said "you bloody little stinker
you have lost it all every bit, Hook Line and Sinker.


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