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Big Brother
By John Finnigan

Raine; Plath; Eliot; Dickinson; Ashbery; Pound
In the House.
Who gets voted out?

Monday: Ashbery
Tuesday: Pound
Wednesday: Raine
Thursday: Plath
Friday: Dickinson.

'It's an alley of rats inside',
Fumes Eliot:
'A lorra lorra vacancy
In a cruel cruel month.'

Stalin; Hitler; Attila; Caesar; Vlad; Pot
In the House.
Who gets voted out?

Monday: Stalin
Tuesday: Pot
Wednesday: Attila
Thursday: Caesar
Friday: Hitler

'Thankyou for this opportunity',
Says Vlad,
'For allowing me to express my personality.
My dear companions certainly got the point.'

Augustine; Muggeridge; Francis; Teresa; Gandhi; Simpson
In the House.
Who gets voted out?

Monday: Teresa
Tuesday: Gandhi
Wednesday: Muggeridge
Thursday: Augustine
Friday: Francis

cries Simpson.
'I took a wrong turning off the freeway
And I ended up in hell!'



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