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Dinner Guests
By Priscilla Curle Kendrick

Rather a worry,
I hope I won’t be sorry,
But the deed is done.
I’ve invited the guests,
On Wednesday next,
A dinner party,
What will they expect?

I’m preparing the meal,
And then I’ll seal,
Then pop in the freezer,
Not a big deal.

First course, second course,
Third course, more!!
Oh no a knock on the door
Hands full of cake mix,
Sauce on the boil.
If I answer the door,
Will the sauce spoil?

Here are my guests,
Am I a week late?
Did I write down the incorrect date?
Whoops, yes I did,
That’s lifted the lid,
What can I do?
"Come in both of you"

Dinner would have been nice,
But at what price,
Sanity, mess,
I wouldn’t like to guess,
Ring up Chinese,
That should please,
No cooking no stress,
I’ll work a lot less.

A good night was had by all,
Wine flowed in glasses oh so tall,
Laughter and gaiety, stomachs full,
Compared to this,
My plan was very dull


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