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The Bawdy Maiden
By Anny Richardson

Yeah, once long ago, whilst on my way to this here stop
I chanced upon a maiden fair,
With sparkling white teeth and sunlight in her hair.
She took me by the hand
Then led me astray
And with my body that bawdy maiden,
Had her lusty way
Ah, the memory of that day
Comforts me, now I am old
For I have never met a maiden since,
Who was so fair and oh so bold
Other travellers with whom I've mingled
had been tempted by her lust
Aye, they too were fooled by that fair maiden,
And her wholesome bust.
As the years rolled by
I tried to find that maiden fair
I scoured this blessed country,
Looking everywhere
Fellow travellers believe me, for I
Telleth thee no lie
Now in this here old age, I regret
The opportunity has passed me by.
I should have wed that fair maiden
Should have made her, my wife
Instead I wasted precious time
Aye, the best years of my life.
Today at this here coach stop
In the gutter, laying there
Was my long lost lusty maiden
Alas, no sunlight in her hair
Mine eyes could not believe
The horror they did see
My once fair lusty maiden,
was As ugly as could be.
She looked into mine eyes
Giving me, a wrinkled smile
Said, "give me a penny kind sir
And I'll make it worth your while"
I threw her a penny, aye
You know, just for old times sake
Smiling, black teeth she had,
Twas more than I could take
So fellow travellers this tale I tell
As my life is all but fading
Don't let a chance of love pass by. Especially,
If she be, a bawdy maiden.


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