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The Beautiful Dream
By Ann Richardson

When you first fall in love tis like a beautiful dream
As though your riding high on a moonbeam
Sadly for some over the years, that love fades and dies
Loneliness accompanies the tears in your eyes.
What happens to that beautiful dream?
That would last forever or so it would seem
When your sure you'll live on love as the world goes by
Now it seems that dream was just a blink of the eye.
The years take their toll as they come and go
No time for each other as the family grow
Those once happy years, are burdened with strife
Now your no longer lovers,Just husband and wife.
You both grow apart knowing not why
The beautiful dream has started to die
Age has replaced the handsome looks you both had
your aching hearts are weary, tired and sad.
The family grow up and go their own way
To each other you now, have nothing to say
A love once so alive is laying dead
You both know it's happening, but nothing is said
Suddenly one of you dies and you know not what to do
Missed opportunities are gone, now there's only you
Too late now to ride high on a moonbeam
Or to once again recapture that, beautiful dream


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