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There's A Drarr In Wor Hoose.
by George H Wade

There a drarr in wor hoose
stuffed wi rubbish galore
such as a bairn 's clockwork moose
and a stopper for the door.

A padlock and chain
that's minus Its key
and some tablets for pain
that were given oot free.

There's paint brush ti soak
me good set of darts
and for wi hoover that's broke
a box with the parts.

A pair of sun glasses
and tucked underneath
a scarf of wor lasses
me ard set of teeth.

There's a pair of cycle clips
an ard pocket watch
some stuff for yi lips
and a spring loaded catch

Some scented soap
a rusty spanner
a length of ard rope
and a shaft for a hammer.

Arll in a drarr in wor hoose
so noo arll Ah want
is a tube of strang glue
in case the drarr bottom
ivor farls through.


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