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Bad Legs And Bad Feet.
by George. H. Wade

Me and wor lass
often gan ti the market
for thirty pence
on wi penshinar's pass.

Wi catch the bus
from the end of the street
cos she got bad legs
and Ah've got bad feet.

Then wi wander aboot
like someone not reet
and tark ti anyone
wi happen ti meet.

Arl looking for bargins
they hope'll be there
but combs wi nae teeth
are for fellas wi nae hair.

And the solid gold rings
are arl made of brass
wi solitaire diamonds
that are geet lumps of glass.

There 's a starll sells slippers
for a poond and nae mair
but yi sorch for hoors
for two that's a pair.

So wi look for the starll
wi cakes and arl that
cos it's next ti one
wi fish heeds for the cat.

The wi come back hyem
and wi in for the neet
cos the wife's got bad legs
and A h've got bad feet.


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