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Kathleen Potter

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Hi, my name is Kathleen and as a grandmother of four pre-teenagers, I have a ready made team of critics who keep me on my toes when I write children's stories.

After many years in the nursing profession, I turned to writing poetry to celebrate family occasions. It's an enjoyable hobby which gives me scope to express myself but I quickly realised I had much to learn.

I had two objectives in mind the day I plucked up courage to knock on the door of the Marsden Writers group.

My first goal was to improve my writing technique. Celia (our tutor) is brilliant and with her tuition and the constructive criticism from group members, I feel I am making progress in achieving that goal, with nearly forty poems accepted for publication.

My second reason for joining the group was to meet with like-minded people to share my new interest for I although I love writing it quickly became apparent that it's a solitary hobby for someone used to mixing with many people on a daily basis. I certainly found what I was looking for and the people who meet each week have become firm friends who share and care.