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Did You Ever Have One?
By Len Curle

The postman tripped over Rover’s new ball,
the milkman, well he, forgot to call.
The car wouldn't go, I just couldn't start it,
and so I walked to the supermarket.
When I got there, I'd taken no money,
I had to come back for it, that wasn’t funny.

By the time I walked back to the shop
it was jammed from bottom to top
Got my things. just wanted a few,
then I stood in a half-hour queue
Next, my plastic bag it split.
By now I was looking for someone to hit.
The milk that I’d bought spilled on the ground,
and groceries scattered all around.

When I got home, I couldn’t find my keys,
so I got the spares from Mrs. B's.
But when the kids came home from school,
that's when I nearly lost my cool.
Abigale was sick all over the floor,
Grant kicked his ball through a window, next door.
But you know what really got my goat,
Damien came home without his coat,
"I left it somewhere", was all he said,
boy that really made me see red.

Then your mother came on the phone,
why does she always moan and groan.
Pet it's been a terrible day,
I'm glad that your back, that's all I can say



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