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The Outside Netty
BY Margaret Renwick

Down the wooden stairs
Torch clutched in hand,
Lift the sneck slowly
Into the silvery land.
Alien shadows lit by
Moonlight from above.
Netty door stuck with damp!
Quickly! Give it a shove.
Monsters waiting out of sight!
Safe inside, bolt the door
Bleached, wooden, icy seat
Feet dangle above the floor.
Neat squares of newspaper
Flutter on a nail,
Rustling and flapping
Blown by the gale.
Startled spiders scuttle
To escape the torchlight's beam
Wakened by the blast
From their spooky dream.
Chain suspended, wooden handle
From cistern high, damp and rusty.
Distempered walls peel and flake
Chalky smell, dusty, musty.
Out at last like a linty!
Up the yard quick as a flash.
Kitchen lights glow and welcome
Fall up the stairs in such a dash.


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