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BY Peter McEvoy


In this land of my imagination
I build cloud castles in the air
beyond the hills of Sunset
and I will take you there:
then I will fashion garlands
of flowers for your delight
to wear at break of morning
and in the velvet of the night.

And when wild winds rage in the trees
and frost flares bright the flame,
I will tell the untold tales
of heroes of remembered fame
sailing westward, bound for Avalon
in silver ships with gilded sails
upon a moon-tracked sea.

There is magic in this land I know
where elfin music calls
and I will play for you the harp
that hangs on Tara's walls.
I will take you by the hand
and travel to far Cathay
to Xanadu and Samarkand
along the Incense Way.
We are not lost nor can we stray
for I have the Argo's chart,
now let me hold you close my love
and feel the beating of your heart,
as, in this land of my imagination,
I build cloud castles in the air
beyond the hills of Sunset,
and I will take you there,
but hush now, keep this to yourself,
it's for the two of us to share.



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