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By S.D.Stephenson

They line up just outside the door
Stretching down there's some more
Mrs Brown she's in the lead
Dare anyone her place exceed
Mrs Baxter next in line
Puffs and pants she's cut it fine
Mr Ball he's after books
Nothing good escapes his looks
He's got a stall in Market Square
On Saturday you'll find him there.
For children's toys there's Mrs Lott
She's children 10 plus 1 in a cot
A large black bag she's out to fill
Beware of her -she's out to kill.
Glassware brings a covetous gleam
To Jane Mott's eyes she will deem
To be an expert in this field hopes
That bargain soon will yield.
Miss Bell so small and neat
Her eyes on her she will sneak
A blouse or stocking here and there
Misses paying without a care.
Doors now open what a crush
10p please holds back the rush
Rejected shoes both large and small
Take up a corner of the hall.
Ladies bags there's lots today
Coppers only there is to pay
Conglomerate of household pans
Cheek by jowl with jugs and fans.
Discarded cards, a picture frame
Scissors, glasses and a game.
Under things, pressed -folded neat
Complete with ribbons, frills and pleat.
Rows of dresses, blouses too
Coats and jackets almost new.
Tombola stall is just this way
Tins in colourful array
Magazines, books, old and new
Are laid out ready just to view.
Stalls of clothes so neatly laid
Upheaval soon ... women invade
Tea and biscuits welcome break
Sort out bag, some room to make
For a second sortie leisurely
A raffle prize could come your way
If not there'll be another day


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