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Sea Changes On Marsden Bay
By S D Stephenson

Winter gales howl and lash
Waves on cliffs snarl and dash
With scream, howl and icy spray
Relentlessly the rollers rise
Hissing, foaming on demise

Marsden Rock is hit and reft
By rollers pounding. Flotsam left
Seaweed, wood, rope and bottles
Aggressive waves roll on defiant
Hurling high, self reliant

Camel's Island, evening peace
Lazy waves lapping, slow release
To the rockpools, seaweed clad
Replenishing, recede once more
To creep again up sandy shore

Early morning by the shore
Peaceful moments calm restore
Curves of broken fronds of foam
Soft swish of sea, shingle swept
So gently smoothest sands are left.


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