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Growing Wild
By V. Telfer


With apologies to William Wordsworth


I wandered, lonely as a cow,
Who lost her calf on Cleadon Hills.
When all at once, I heard a row;
A racket, from behind the Mill.
Against the wall; beneath the trees,
Teenagers, doing just as they please.

Erratic as the sun that shines,
And flickers over Cleadon Park.
The party etched a ragged line,
To Marsden Grotto, in the dark.
Ten thousand of them, filled with'glee'
Tossing their bottles in the sea.

The waves beside them danced, but no
one saw the turning tide but me.
A poet could not stay there, so
I sought more pleasant company.
I gazed and thought my secret thoughts,
and wished my camera I had brought.

As I lay on my couch that night,
Enjoying restful solitude.
There flashed upon my inward sight,
An image that congealed my blood.
An image that won't go away,
Till peace returns to Marsden Bay.



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