The Marsden Writers

The Marsden Writers was started in 1996 as part of an Arts In Health Care initiative set up by the staff at Marsden Road Health Centre in South Shields for their patients and was described as a sort of "Aerobics For The Mind", keeping it fit and active. Something to be prescribed if bored, or looking after children and needing stimulation, or unemployed and wanting to keep busy, or a pick-me-up following illness.

    From very small beginnings it grew and now the doors are open to anyone in South Shields who wants to write.

    It has become a vibrant, enthusiastic group who want to keep on writing, keep on meeting and keep on enjoying a little quality time.

    If you are interested in joining or would like further information regarding the writers featured on this site then please click here to go to our contact page.

    Enjoy your visit, any feedback will be welcome. 

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