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The Marsden Writers Publications


marsdenrattler.jpg (6024 bytes) The Marsden Rattler - The Marsden Writers

Published in 1998 in A4 pamphlet format with contributions from most of The Marsden Writers.

Available at South Shields Library.

sweet.jpg (13440 bytes) Sweet Memories - The New Coast Writers with guests The Marsden Writers.

An anthology of works by the New Coast Writers published in 1999 which includes works by The Marsden Writers. There are contributions from;-  Sheila Stephenson, Doris Elsy, Peter McEvoy, George Wade, Maggie Davison and Vivienne Telfer.

Available for loan from libraries in the South Tyneside area.

armchair.jpg (8107 bytes) An Armchair Anthology - The Marsden Writers

An anthology of works by the Marsden Writers published in 2000. Contributions from:-  Maggie Davison, S.D.Stephenson, Doris Elsy, Peter McEvoy, Vivienne Telfer, George Wade, Kathleen Potter, Ken Waugh and Margaret Renwick.

Available from the club price 3.95 + Postage & Packing.

darkness1.jpg (10114 bytes) Into The Darkness _ Doris Elsy

This is an account of growing up in South Shields. The sights, sounds and smells of the 1920's and 1930,s are vividly captured, in a book which is part biography and part local history.

Available from South Shields Library Price 3.95